Did you drink and have fun ? Take Activated Zeolite !

Funny or not, Activated Zeolite is your best friend after a long weekend of unforgettable fun.

Friends, fun and a few glasses of alcohol, it turns out a successful evening. But what if we lose the number of glasses we drink?


The good part is that it doesn’t happen the same night. The downside is that you wake up with it. Many of us know how is it, that’s why we read this  article right now.We agree that not everyone is the same, the symptoms and intensity are different. On the other hand, headaches, nausea, muscle aches and dizziness, indigestion and a few others make us aware that we still know what it’s all about.

Ideally we would postpone it another day, or even why not, to cancel it.

👉🏼 Don’t worrie, that’s not possible!

The scientific discoveries and advanced technology, it seems that a remedy against the hangover is left to be expected.Hangover Heaven, is a wheel clinic. Two researchers from the great universities Duke University and Dartmouth have built a clinic that works in a van.Las Vegas is the lucky city where this van rides to provide treatments against the hangover. This service was a great success, in 2015 over 11,000 people turned to this solution which currently costs about $ 225.

Meanwhile in Romania …

We,Transilvania Green Minerals, offer you our products with zeolite, Activated Zeolite.

Recommended for:

– reducing the side effects of alcohol consumption;

– reduction of blood alcohol concentration;



Didn’t I convince you?

Tests show that it can influence the body as if it had consumed a fraction of the actual amount administered.

It acts from the gastrointestinal tract, is not absorbed, is not toxic, does not accumulate in the internal organs and there is no toxic or lethal dose.

The amount of alcohol consumed is noticeably lower and at the same time a breakdown of alcohol can be observed in the blood, thus:

– less alcohol will be absorbed into the body

– the alcoholic absorption decomposes rapidly

One teaspoon of Activated Zeolite or 2 capsules, in the morning, significantly reduce the hangover. Chemically speaking, zeolite absorbs ethanol from the stomach, regulating the acidity caused by excess alcohol.

It is not recommended for pregnant women, as well as alcohol!

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